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Shanelle Parker

Black Belt Coach

Age 26

Shanelle started training with MAX Training Academy in 2003 at the age of 7

Her original focus was on Wadoryu Karate before quickly venturing into mixed martial arts. For the next 5 years Shanelle worked hard to achieve her black belt at the age of 12...

Following immediately on from this, Shanelle’s love for the sport led her to become a junior coach. In her position as junior coach, Shanelle started travelling with the academy to coach at several competitions across the country. After a few year, Shanelle progressed from junior coach to a black belt coach leading all classes on her own, across the ages and abilities. Shanelle has since taken on junior coach’s to mentor and help provide them with the knowledge and skills to progress their own careers in teaching solo. She has coached a number of 1-2-1 sessions, again, with members across a wide span of ages and abilities ensuring these are personalised for the learners needs and their goals within the sport. Through her class teaching and 1-2-1s, Shanelle has helped see many of our members progress rapidly through their belts. 

Alongside her fellow instructors, Shanelle has also been into a range of schools and colleges to ignite a sense of passion and respect for mixed martial arts in her local community. Overall, Shanelle has had a very successful coaching career at MAX training academy and continues to thrive with every new face that comes through the door. 

Styles covered


Muay Thai



Escrima / weaponry 


Self defence


Plus more..

Shanelle is also available for private 1-2-1 lessons

Shanelle Parker: Team Members
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